Inserting your smartphone into MilboxTouch allows for a simple but authentic VR experience.

Key feature - the world's first "Touch User Interface Module" developed by our team at White Inc. This innovative interface utilizes the ExtensionSticker technology developed by researchers at Meiji University.

"ExtensionSticker"…The stripy pattern printed with conductive ink transmits electric capacity from our hand to smarphone - this is how we designed to control smart devices just by applying a sticker printed with the ink.

Options to tap, scroll and swipe your VR headset just like your smartphone. Navigate through your VR world using head and finger movement. Prepare for a transformative VR gaming and graphics experience.

Assembly instructions

How to use MilboxTouch

Assembly instructions

List of components:
・Cardboard cutout (headset)- x2 lenses included
・Touch Interface Module base
・Touch Interface Module sticker

1. Fold up right and left side of the headset and fold the lenses' side into the headset.

2. Peel off the sticker from the film, stick on the base and fold.

3. Insert the Touch Interface Module into the headset.

After starting the app on your smartphone, insert your smartphone into the headset so that the phone screen is in contact with the ink section of the sticker sheet.

Close the lid of the headset and it is ready to use.

How to hold the headset

  • [Right hand]
    Touch the silver ink section with your finger for input control. ※Run your finger over the circle about 3 times before play.

  • [Left hand]
    Touch your smartphone through the hole in the frame.

By changing the way you touch the ink section,
you can switch between scroll, swipe and tap commands.


MilboxToucb Google about 85 x 108 x 150 (mm)
Touch Interface Module 約 92 x 283 (mm)

Smartphone checked for touch input response

Max size : (H)150 x (W)76 x (D)10.5 mm
-Apple iPhone 6/6s
-Samsung Galaxy S6 edge/S6/S5
-Sony Xperia Z5/Z4/Z3
-Sharp AQUOS Compact(SH-02H)/Xx2(502SH)/
-Google Nexus 5x
-LG Electronics isai vivid(LGV32)
-ASUS ZenFone 2(ZE551ML)

Please be aware that depending on the hardware specifications and/or operating system of your smartphone, the app may not be compatible with your device, even if your smartphone fits within the headset.